Friendly XI

Over the summer we play more than a dozen friendly XI matches, usually 40 over a side. Games are at weekends and the match fee in 2020 will be £10. While we always play to win, everyone is welcome to play and everyone who wants will get a game.

From 2020 we will be organising all of our fixtures using the Teamer website and app. To register or log-in please go to
Upcoming games:All upcoming fixtures are available to view on the app including start times and locations.
Availability:From the desktop website, log-in to you account and click on your profile and go to ‘calendar’. Here you can mark down any days that you are unavailable to play
Team selection:Once the team has been selected for each fixture (during the week before) you will be notified and requested to confirm if you can play or not.
Post-game: After the game, you will be able to upload any photos and also vote for you player of the match